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Also called "Editor Jenn" at Women’s Adventure, Jennifer Olson learns as much from you as she hopes you learn from the magazine and this website. Playing with magnetic poetry on her refrigerator helped Jennifer develop a philosophy by which she still lives: “If you publish a cliché, go explore real inspiration." <a href="">Visit me on Google+</a>

The Benefits And Downsides Of Barefoot Running

Because you’ve been wearing shoes most of your life and your feet are weak, this will take years—not months—of diligence in...



Recognize When You Could Use A Ride

When you're tempted to skip your after-work run, hike, or ride and instead hit a nearby happy hour, remember...

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Why Are We So Connected To Earth?

Why do we feel more connected to our truest selves when we are coated in dirt, breathing in dust, and walking...


A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Only Sped This Distance Runner Up

For Kayla, success in high school track comes at a price....

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Playtime Can Be Productive

Even those who aren’t that stoked about the idea of exercise can understand the appeal of a natural brain...


When There’s Only So Much Sponsorship Money To Go Around, What Gives?

Tour of the Gila committed to offering a women’s UCI race in 2015, which adds $100,000 to this year’s...