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Melissa Edge resides in Moab, Utah where she enjoys exploring the beautiful red rock landscape with her husband and son. She is the founder of <a href="">Adventure Tykes</a> and loves inspiring and motivating parents to get outside with their kids. Melissa is an avid runner, hiker, shopaholic and amateur chef.

Sunny Days Call For Sun Protection

Those warm, sunny days are upon us and it's time to remember the importance of protecting your tyke from the dangerous rays of the sun....

Outdoor Kids

Outdoor Kids

Trail Snacks for Tykes

Here are some great trail snacks for tykes of all ages by Melissa Edge of

Outdoor Kids

Necessities and Splurges for Hiking with Your Tykes

What items do you splurge on for hiking with your tykes?...

Outdoor Kids

Being Prepared

Outdoor Parenting: Here are some tips safety tips for venturing outdoors with your tykes....

Outdoor Kids

Frostbite or Frostnip – Do you Know the Difference?

It's important to know about Frostbite and Frostnip and how to protect your tykes from such injuries....

Outdoor Kids

20 Outdoor Winter Activities for Tykes

Even though the weather is cold that doesn't mean it's time to lock up your tykes indoors. ...