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Michelle Theall is the founder of Women's Adventure magazine and runs the Creative Conferences writing and photography workshops. Michelle lives in Boulder, CO.

My Neighbor, The Bear

Move out of their territory, or move over and share? Bears aren't the enemy, but increasing conflicts in urban places are reason to...



The Road Less Traveled

It’s all too easy to put long-standing relationships on cruise control when life’s busy details demand...


Trek to Montana

Women's Adventure founder, Michelle Theall, treks up to Montana and finds the courage to saddle up once...

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That’s Kid’s Stuff

Where should we draw the line for children setting world records?...


We Are Our Stories

As many of you probably know, eight years ago I started Women's Adventure magazine. Four years ago, I...

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Oh, Deer Me

Boulder residents seem a little freaked lately. For a month or so now, there’s been a deer roaming the...