Michelle Author

Michelle Theall is the founder of Women's Adventure magazine and runs the Creative Conferences writing and photography workshops. Michelle lives in Boulder, CO.

How I Conquered an Icelandic Glacier

I’m a forty-three year old woman and I’m crying. Sniveling. Angry. Weak. I want to take my trekking pole and hurl it at the sturdier...



Packing Problems

Today I'm reading through the packing list for a four-day trip to Iceland tomorrow. It's one of those trips...


Ice, Ice, Baby!

I've got just 21 days, three weeks, to get ready to go to Iceland where we'll be hiking fifteen hours up the...


I Need Your Bear and Lion Stories!!

Michelle Theall is looking for unforgettable animal experiences. Care to share yours?...


Run Like a Mother

Sometimes running like a mother means forgetting that you are one, even if it’s for an hour or two. ...


Pride and Joy

There’s a tear in my eye. My 4 year old loves skiing. He’s been in lessons at A-Basin and on the double...