Michelle Author

Michelle Theall is the founder of Women's Adventure magazine and runs the Creative Conferences writing and photography workshops. Michelle lives in Boulder, CO.

I hear mewing

I hear mewing. I’m alone on a trail with my two twenty-five pound dogs who haven’t heard it yet. I stop. Listen. Definitely...



I miss my body

I miss my 20-year old, pre Multiple Sclerosis body. This was my thought while walking the second half of my...


If you can’t say something nice….

Don Imus. Don Imus set a new bar for racism and stupidity this year with an asinine and offensive comment...


Greetings from Creede, Colorado

Drive into the town of Creede and you’ll see this sign: Welcome to Creede. 586 Nice Folks & 17...


Armadillo Guitar, Miner Man, and Dead Beaver-Rat

Where to start? My family arrived here on Thursday making me realize that home is wherever they are. Daisy,...


Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

My guess is that the most brilliant and real people in this world are the young children. Some deem them...