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Have You Suffered from “Oxy D.” syndrome?

While climbing Mt. Whitney, brunette reader Jenecca Prevette has a "blonde moment."...

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Annihilation: Facing Fear and Doubt During Training

A reader shares the story of training for her first century race....

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Trekking in Humla, Nepal

This Fall we had the opportunity to spend 16 days trekking in Humla, Nepal. Before we left we had heard how...

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Lessons from my First Triathlon

At age 42 I decided that I was ready to fulfill an item on my bucket list--a triathlon. I wish I could tell...

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Solo South Sister Summit Mission!

Last time I skied South Sister was with my best ski buddy and at the peak of my physical ability. This time I...

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A Different Way

As a kid, I would not even take a shower: having water in my eyes was one of the worst things that could...