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Women Can Wrench Too

We had all enrolled at UBI to cultivate our self-sufficiency, but our freewheeling spirits each ran much deeper than a weeklong class....

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How To Just Keep Walking (Even When It Hurts)

Enduring so much physical suffering taught me how to endure emotional suffering....

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Facing My Fears Of Freediving

During the second minute, I had my first contraction (the feeling to gasp for air)....

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The Perks Of Life On The Road (With The Whole Family)

Susie Kellogg and her husband, Dan, live full time on the road with their twelve (yep, 12) kids and a dog in...

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How Women Have Taken The Fly Fishing World By Storm

Fly fishing is a great workout, a mental and physical challenge, an excellent way to get out in nature, and a...


Safe Travels: Protect Against Home Invasion

Traveling increases the risk of identify theft and home invasion, with 9 percent of U.S. travelers...