Adoption Day


Women’s Adventure magazine is doing a shout out for Alaska photos and stories on Facebook. I submit this one in honor of our now four-and-a-half-year old son on his adoption day. I read this as part of a longer piece, in court, the day he went from being a foster kid in Boulder County to having a forever family with us.

Logan Thompson Theall

Adoption Day: September 21, 2007

You are my son. It as if you have always been my son. Before I met you—before you’d been on this earth for even a year—God told me your name. In Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, miles from anywhere, in a place where orphaned peaks remain nameless and eternally wild – I found Mount Logan. It rose into the sky as an expansive range towering above the clouds. To see its summit, I had to ride in a plane. I never saw it’s beginning – the place it met the ground. But, I know that at its birth, it struggled to grip the shifting soil—to make something solid from the crumbling earth beneath it. The fight made it strong and grand, and its presence changed the landscape around it forever. You are this mountain to me.

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