Changing Lives One Bicycle at a Time


Education is the greatest equalizer. This belief is held by the women of Africa and World Bicycle Relief. That is why World Bicycle Relief brings bikes to women, young and old, in Sub-Saharan Africa and works to provide people in need with access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles. A Zambian girls choir sang, “A girl child can do what a boy child can do as long as she’s given a chance.” In this context, one bike can change someone’s life. With mobility being key to accessing education, health care, and economic development, a bike can mean everything to the rural poor trying to make a living or attend school to gain an education. It is custom for African girls to do chores before school and again all night after school. Add the long distances they must travel to and from school, and precious time is lost. Time that could be used to get to class on schedule, time that could be used studying rather than traveling. Check out this video of the young women in Zambia singing for their case in gender equality.


Last modified: February 26, 2013

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Changing Lives One Bicycle at a Time

  1. Mae says:

    Thanks for lifting this up, it’s such a great cause. There are so many ways to help ranging from direct action, fund raising, bike drives of new or gently used bikes and even eating chocolate!! Theo’s chocolate just happens to be our favorite local, regionally sourced, organic, Fair trade …. oh heck, it’s my favorite chocolate. They have a World Bike Fund bar that is great!

    Find them at

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