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Continental Quotient: Stories from Both Sides of the Divide,
by Kristen Lodge

Review by Cat Croteau

Continental Quotient Kristen LodgeAlthough diminutive in size, Continental Quotient is anything but small in content. Kristen Lodge is a true outdoor enthusiast in every sense of the word, and first lives and loves in a mountain town when she moves to Bethel, Maine. She skis and hikes to her heart’s content while moving within the New England area before making the leap West with a move to Colorado. For Lodge, although she had never been to Colorado, it is like coming home. “When I see the rocky outcrop on the Continental Divide in Fraser, Colorado, I know I’m in the right place. A rocky mound-of-a-reminder of beauty and an inspiration to artistry.”

I felt like I was reading about myself in the pages of Lodge’s book. I am a transplant to the Midwest; although I was not born here, I feel like I belong to this area more than I ever did on the East Coast. Her passion for travel, adventure, friendship, and a life lived well could be a mirror for many Women’s Adventure magazine readers.

Lodge’s writing style is just as active as her life, with a gentle, forward motion that keeps you moving from one adventure to the next. I fell in love with her grateful, enthusiastic tone. You don’t feel like she is bragging or talking herself up. I found myself chuckling when she described taking up running—in hiking boots, under the cover of night, where no one can see her—and I’m rooting for her as she prepares for her first triathlon, my breath tight in my chest as she crosses that finish line and hears, “Kristin Lodge, you are Ironman.”

If anything, Continental Quotient is about what can be if passion and drive are there; you don’t have to be born with amazing genes or a talent that gets noticed at a young age. Lodge is every woman and is easily identifiable. “My life has been hills and valleys, as I suspect most lives are. While I don’t have everything I want, I am fortunate to have the people who have shown up in my life to help me find my way.” Her story became a romance for me. The story is filled with love for the geography around her, the sports that keep her muscles limber, and the friends and misadventures she has along the way.


Cat Croteau is an avid hiker, yogi, and mom to 4. Currently residing in South Dakota with her soul mate, Cat loves exploring the Black Hills with a baby on her hip and her family by her side.

Cat is a key member of the Women’s Adventure book club. Join her and almost 500 women from around the world as we read and discuss an adventure book each month here.

Last modified: February 3, 2014

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  1. gaildstorey says:

    What a great review! Kristen Lodge’s Continental Quotient sounds like a must-read. I can relate to a regular person who throws herself into outdoor sports with passion and drive, as you say.

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