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Though it’d seem impossible, new outdoor sports crop up all the time, and I’m wondering which have staying power. Standup paddleboarding is relatively new and has incredible cross-over power, emerging in everything from surfing and whitewater river running to flat water paddle retreats and yoga practices! Freediving–arguably one of the world’s most dangerous sports–is getting more publicity recently. Enduro–a form of mountain bike racing only recently existing in the U.S.–has positively exploded. And those are only a few examples.

Since Women’s Adventure‘s very beginning, we’ve covered the hottest new sports. And since the magazine’s very start (as Dandelion), we’ve also shared stories about those that have been around forever!

But hiking, cycling (road and mountain), paddling, and skiing are still the most popular, the most accessible, and arguably the least faddish. Those four make up some of the most participated-in sports for Women’s Adventure readers, but everyone seems to enjoy our zorbing post and freediving article—a lot. (By the way, most of those links lead to “how-to” articles so you can master the sports you love already.)

Which I think is the point of Women’s Adventure magazine, right? We read to get a taste, to feel out whether a new sport is a fad we’ll pass on trying or something we might like taking up regularly.

So does it matter which sports our descendants will spend their time and money on in a hundred years? Or which sports we’ll enjoy for a few years before neglecting them for our tried and true bikes and hiking shoes?

I don’t think so. Let’s just enjoy them while we can.

Last modified: July 16, 2014

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