From the Back of the Pack- An Introduction

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To all of the aspiring adventurers out there. To all of you who think “Women’s Adventure magazine” sounds intimidating. To all who think in order to read our magazine (or our website), you have to be someone capable of being IN our magazine. This is for you.

Sure it would be nice to ski double black diamonds on opening day of the season, or run class V rapids, or finish and ironman, but the truth is, most of us can’t do those things. Not yet at least. Because everyone has to start somewhere and for many of us not born with the ability to run a 6 minute mile, the place we start, is at the back of the pack. And while our 10 minute miles and successful singletrack ride (the WHOLE way down the mountain and I didn’t fall once. . .but it took me almost 2 hours) may not merit an interview in the magazines, that doesn’t mean we don’t have great stories to tell. In fact, we probably even better ones since it takes us three times as long to finish!

So this here blog is for all of you starting out in new adventures. Follow me on my escapades, and feel free to add and post your own. Because we all love to have friends and training partners to share our successes and failures with. Starting at the bottom can certainly be intimidating but amidst good company you might just replace the frustrations with entertainment and have a lot more fun. Some of our greatest stories come from our mishaps while we are on that ever evolving learning curve.

And remember that starting at the back of the pack doesn’t mean you will always be there. But just in case you are, I promise, it is just as fun back here.

Last modified: February 9, 2012

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