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What’s Up With the Wildlife?

Boulder residents seem a little freaked lately. For a month or so now, there’s been a deer roaming the streets stalking people.

Okay, not stalking really, but certainly following dog walkers, runners, and gardeners. To date, this deer has not hurt anyone, but his behavior is odd nonetheless. I keep thinking that the deer has lost his herd. He’s always alone and tends to hang within about a one-mile radius of 6th and Arapaho.

If you run away, he will run after you. But, he’s not really chasing. Just trying to keep up. Shooing him away does not work. Barking dogs, straining at the ends of their leashes, do not deter him. Still, it’s unclear what he wants. I only hope that the Department of Wildlife will let him be.

Tell me your deer stories. Should the citizens of Boulder be afraid?

Last modified: February 24, 2012

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