The Power Of A Landscape

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Funny how a new vista, sunset light, snow on peaks in early fall can make every worry fall away and replenish happiness.

what it is to be happy image

Photo by Seda Arslan

Have you experienced happiness, just at the sight of an open landscape, a breath of fresh air?

Last modified: August 18, 2014

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The Power Of A Landscape

  1. Heather Hesse says:

    To me happiness is environment, landscapes, hard work, being out there. I just completed the White Mountains Grid, which means I hiked each of the 48 peaks in NH recognized by the Appalachian Mountain Club on their list, in each month of the calendar year. 48 x 12 = 576!

  2. jeannemeeks says:

    That’s why I love backpacking to wilderness places, but the same feeling can be had in my beautiful backyard or in the nearby woods. For me, I think it’s the greenery. Others may find it in rocks or ocean waves.

  3. Diana Proemm says:

    Always enjoy a little recreation therapy to re-set the mental and physical state of my body. You can’t help but smile when nature’s beauty surrounds you.

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