Reader Stories

By Denise Janson

My heart pounds as my kite rises slowly from my husband’s grasp. The energy of the wind channels through me as I hook into my waist harness. In moments, the wind propels me over the surface of the water as my board carves a smooth wake across the waves. When the moment is right, I steer my kite further skyward, allowing the wind to lift me sometimes 10 to 20 feet off the water. For a few seconds, I glide weightlessly.

Moments like this remind me how much kiteboarding rejuvenates me. As a mother, I am thankful to have the blessing of my daughter of four years. After four joyous years, our precious Sadie still screams with excitement when we head to the beach. We fly kites, we splash and roll in the waves, and when she is ready, Sadie and her Daddy send me off.

During the past six years, kitesurfing has enveloped our lives with adventure. Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest is my backyard. I kite here throughout the year amidst the backdrops of snow covered mountains. Just hours away from our Seattle home await the wind meccas of the Pacific Coast and Columbia Gorge. Some of my most memorable vacations are the frequent camping trips we take to the Gorge in the summer. My husband, Ethan, enjoys kiting as much as I do. Now that we have started a family, we often take turns on the water. Our daughter loves the attention we give her on the beach, assuring us of many joyous years to come. As I sail away, I look back at shore and laugh. Sadie is flying a small kite of her own and running into the water!

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Last modified: December 14, 2011

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