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Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

It’s something we’ve been chatting about for a while, dreaming about for even longer, and finally are realizing in our winter 2014-15 issue. It’s something that will cause controversy, earn us praise, and inspire both disgust and delight. It’s intended to be lighthearted and humorous. It’s an exercise in role-reversal, a satirical endeavor, a fluffy diversion, a cheesy spoof. It’s a 2015 calendar featuring photos of sexy men doing their thing in the great outdoors.

The success of our summer issue feature story “A Rare Breed” showed us that our audience enjoys reading real love stories and seeing photos of dreamy outdoorsmen, even if the ideal doesn’t exist the way we always imagine.

Which is why we decided to make our long-time joke reality and are going through with a pin up-like calendar for adventurous women, featuring the men we love!*

But we need your help.

If I had my way, I’d publish a calendar with every month featuring my fiancé—riding his bike, sprinting up a peak, cooking me breakfast in the backcountry, and soaking in crystal clear hot springs, in the buff. (A girl can dream!)

Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

But you all probably wouldn’t enjoy that calendar as much as I would.

So I need you to share the photos you’d want to see in our magazine: pictures of capable, strong, and most of all outdoorsy men, who are not necessarily in the mountains but definitely in an outside setting. The men can be climbing, skiing, trail running, paddling whitewater, cleaning a technical line on knobby tires, guiding an international expedition, wielding an ice axe or trekking poles, chopping firewood.… You get the picture.

For an example of the sort of thing we’re looking to include in this spoof, see our mountain men photo grid here.

*I realize not all of us are into men but the parody won’t work with photos of women. We get to publish incredible, non-ironic shots of skilled and strong women in the outdoors all the time. So, if your sweetheart isn’t a man but you still want to contribute, then please submit a photo of your brother or best guy friend or favorite climbing partner if you’d like. Thank you!

How To Submit A Photo For Consideration

E-mail us the largest, high-resolution file you can get your hands on (photos taken with smart phones even work sometimes!) by October 3rd.

Type “Outdoorsy Men Calendar” into the subject line and address the e-mail to jennifer [at]

Include your name (or the photographers name if you didn’t take the picture but have the go-ahead to submit it) and other who-, what-, where-, why-type info in case we decide to compose some sort of entertaining caption, too.

Note: When you send an image to my staff email address, you are granting Women’s Adventure magazine permission to publish this photo on our channels with proper attribution but without compensation or notification.

I can’t wait to see the photos you submit. Remember, the sillier, the better. The cheesier, the more likely you’ll see it published in Women’s Adventure magazine!

Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” You all know what I’m referencing, right? (Two words: Ryan. Gosling.) Photo by Jennifer C. Olson

Last modified: September 29, 2014

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