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Courtesy of Adam Moran, Park City

What’s more motivating than a beat that matches (or pushes) your pace?

Not much.

Our winter issue touches a lot on motivation, so we thought it’d be fun to serve our readers a tasty motivational tidbit in the form of World-Champion snowboarder, Hannah Teter’s 10-song iTunes playlist. The mix of reggae and funky alternative tracks graces page 21 of our Winter issue and all we’re asking you to do it tell us what you love about the rest of the rest of the magazine’s pages. What’s your favorite story? Who’s your favorite contributor? Do you love our gear line-up, our choice of women adventurers, or maybe the rocking ladies on our cover ?

Make a comment about your favorite aspect of the winter issue on our Facebook page between today and Friday, Dec. 3rd, and you’ll be automatically entered to win. If you can’t wait for our drawing to start rocking out to Hannah’s playlist–or one of the other athlete created mixes we’ve featured this year–there’s an iTunes widget on each page that will allow you to buy them on your own. Check out our Winter issue below, enjoy, comment, and win!

Last modified: February 9, 2012

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Soul on Snow

  1. Jan Davidson says:

    Totally love the article about dogsledding! Have a wonderful friend in the upper UP of Michigan who runs her own sled and dogs, and it made me think of her and all of the adventures she has
    told me about – not a activity for wimps!

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