Making a Difference: The Recreation Project Helps Ugandan Kids Traumatized by War

Most of us have experienced the healing qualities of the great outdoors and physical activity. Nature has the power to take us out of our heads and into our bodies. It is an antidote to the stress and anxiety of daily life.

Founders of the Colorado-based non-profit, The Recreation Project, believe that outdoor recreation can overcome even deep-seated trauma. The organization aims to help Ugandan children and teens, damaged by years of conflict, build confidence, trust, friendships through ropes courses and adventure experiences. The team in Uganda leads day-long ropes courses for kids, three-day wilderness excursions for at-risk youth, and operates a climbing club for those participants who want to develop their technical skills.

The organization is currently running an adventure photo contest through May 10 to raise awareness. Each week’s winner will win a $25 gift card from REI.

Last modified: May 14, 2013

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