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With the Tour de France starting in the land of tea and biscuits on 5th July 2014, the sight of lycra-clad legs pedaling their way across the UK is sure to get you dusting off your bicycle, pumping up tires and setting off on your own pedal-powered adventure. But why just stick to local lanes? Responsible Travel offers trips that take you off the beaten path, specializing in adventures that are guided “ethically” with consideration of the local people and terrain. Responsible Travel rounds up the 6 cycling holidays you never knew existed, which will have you rushing to don a helmet and take to two wheels this summer.

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1. Cycling Safari

Discover the back roads of East Africa on a ride through from the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the sparkling seas and white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean, through tucked away villages, lush rainforests and wildlife-filled savannah plains. The 16 day journey costs from £3,302 per person excluding flights and local bike hire.


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2. Desert Adventures

Unleash your inner-Indiana Jones in Petra and pedal back in time in the deserts of Jordan. Ride along remote desert roads, camp out under the stars with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum and treat yourself to a soak in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. Nine days of desert adventure costs from £1,399 per person including flight, but excluding local bike hire.


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3. Head in the Clouds

A tour to quite literally take your breath away, across the top of the world. A 16-day, two-wheeled trip across the Tibetan Plateau, taking in the iconic Potala Palace, Everest Base Camp and dramatic Himalayan passes costs from £2,718 per person excluding flights and visas.


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4. Your own Tour de France

Competitive cyclists with a love for lycra might want to consider a holiday to race your own Tour de France. This 5-day break gives you the chance to participate in the “Etape du Tour,” the very serious, amateur version of the main event. Last minute places available with a £175 discount for the already fit and well-prepared only. From £1,079 per person


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5. Coast to Coast across India

From the backwaters of Kerala and the lush Western Ghats, to the vast plains of Tamil Nadu and the beaches of the Bay of Bengal. This two-week cross-country epic takes you through some of India’s most stunning natural and cultural landscapes from £1240 per person excluding flights.


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6. Foodie Finds

Just because a holiday is active doesn’t mean it can’t be indulgent. Your two wheels on this trip allow you to explore more vineyards, restaurants, olive groves, fishing ports, and markets than you could on two feet. Spend 8 days cycling and sampling your way round a hidden Costa Brava from just £741 per person excluding flights.


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Last modified: July 17, 2014

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