Young Aviatrix Flying Around the World in Single-Engine Plane


Fly With Amelia
She recreated and now is symbolically finishing the 1937 flight of her namesake—the famous flight around the world. A couple days ago, Amelia Rose Earhart set out to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft, just as the original Amelia Earhart did. And now the present-day Amelia is resting in São Tomé off the coast of Africa.

“I want to show women that there are still adventures to be had,” Amelia Rose Earhart told Women’s Adventure a few months ago (that story here). “We need more women talking about what it’s like to get out of your comfort zone instead of on what’s easy and predictable. It’s so much more fun to get out and surprise people.”

14 Stops, 14 Days, 24,301 nautical miles

In fourteen stops, and approximately 28,000 miles Amelia Rose Earhart and her partner will fly a Pilatus PC-12NG around the globe, completing the flight that the original Amelia never got to finish. When she completes the flight, Amelia will be the world’s youngest female to complete the flight around the world in a single-engine plane.

For A Greater Cause

Her foundation to put girls through flight school, The Fly With Amelia Foundation (, aims to, first, give young women (ages 16-18) flight scholarships and, also, create curriculum—downloadable lesson plans—based on the dynamics of flight. “The late teen years are the time in our lives when we’ll make those big decisions; we’ll either choose our own adventurous path or choose what our parents are telling us to do,” Amelia says. “If I show young girls that I executed this plan and how they can do it too, that’s becoming a well-rounded role model.”


Amelia’s mission with this flight is to inspire others to overcome gravity and pursue their own adventure. Here, she tells her own story:

LIFT (Amelia flies again) from INCITE Productions on Vimeo.

Connect with Amelia Rose Earhart as she “soars through the sky toward new adventures” on Facebook or Twitter, and follow live tracking of her flight online at

Tell us, what do you think of Amelia’s flight? How does her symbolic finish of the 1937 flight inspire you?

Fly With Amelia

Last modified: July 1, 2014

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Young Aviatrix Flying Around the World in Single-Engine Plane

  1. pammmcf says:

    She had a co-pilot with her the whole time as well as modern equipment. She was also well paid for this stunt.

    As she was on the local news as a traffic update person, we heard about this publicity stunt, ad nauseum.

    Not very impressive when you find out she did NOT do this solo, make a lot of money, and used her plane’s instuements.

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