A New Gadget to Help You Do Kegel Exercises



Oh, no. They didn’t! Oh, yes, they did. They invented a device for training your pelvic muscles to properly do kegel exercises. You know, those women’s-only pelvic squeezes that are supposed to improve your bladder control and musculosekeletal stability, mitigate back pain, help your body deal with pregnancy, and yes, improve your love life.

And get this: it vibrates when you kegel the right way. But that’s not all. It also has an app to give you real time biofeedback to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and track your performance. Because if you’ve ever tried kegels, you know that they are sort of shrouded in mystery. Am I doing them right? I’m not sure it’s working. With other kinds of workouts, you get the requisite sore muscles that let you know you’ve achieved something. With kegels, you just hope you don’t pee your pants when you’re jumping on a trampoline with your kids or trying to find a restroom somewhere.

The inventors of this lovely buzzing tool posted the device on a Kickstarter campaign. They needed $90,000 to make the inaugural production run from the prototype, but with more than three weeks left in the campaign they already have more than $125,000 in pledges. Because, well, it’s obviously something women want to buy. The last time they made a device to help you determine the strength of your pelvic muscles, it was the 1940s, and they were using an air pressure balloon and a tire gauge. You’ve come a long way, baby. Now they are more like a teeny-tiny Bowflex gym for your pelvis, with a fitness app and a vibrating mechanism that you can turn on or off.

So there’s a little more motivation to work out. Because getting rid of back pain, getting your bladder control back, having a smooth pregnancy and delivery, and yes, having a great love life are all important. But with this fun new gadget, all that pelvic exercise probably won’t seem quite so tedious.

Last modified: July 8, 2014

6 Responses to :
A New Gadget to Help You Do Kegel Exercises

  1. bacupp1 says:

    Love this! Great way to change it up and talk about something we were all thinking 🙂

  2. Donna Bonetti says:

    What a great idea! I hope to see this in stores at a price I can afford.

    1. rita says:

      i agree. The kgoal would be very beneficial, if I can afford one and easily obtain one. Many women will benefit once it hits the market!\

  3. Rebecca says:

    Great! something for Women by Women – I hope it works, anxious to be able to purchase it

  4. Susi Barrett says:

    I want to buy one!

  5. mobile says:

    Yes, they keep getting introduced and the ones continue to replace and build-up huge collections of those accessories.
    This nifty device comes in handy as the traverse back through
    the wilderness to Caribbean resort. If they feel convenient using monitors for heart, pace, and distance, that’s okay-but what
    I advise is basically that you tune in to the body, as it will tell you issues that gadgets
    won’t, including when and what you should eat (follow your cravings), whether you’re hydrated (if your
    urine’s darker pc needs to be, then drink), or if
    your electrolytes are balanced (if there is salt caked around your temples, for instance, then it’s likely
    you may need more salt).

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