Got snow and want to run?


By Jennifer Lu’Becke

Got snow and want to run? Then Kahoola’s NANOspikes are for you! They are lightweight, low-profile, and perfect for wintery conditions. Weighing in at 7.5 ounces, they pack down small and can fit into a little bag—which is included with your purchase.

Kahtoola NANOspike Footwear Traction Review

Out Of The Bag

NANOspikes live up to their name. They not only pack down small, but the spikes themselves are little. On top of being ultralight, NANOspikes have a low profile with the spike length being 0.21 of an inch. Made out of Tungsten carbine, the spikes pack a punch and cover just enough surface area at 10 spikes per foot. To further enhance traction, NANOspikes have a textured bottom.

The elastomer (like rubber but more durable) harness that goes over your shoe makes slipping them on/off a variety of shoes easy. They also have reinforced eyelets to prevent tearing. NANOspikes are best worn over trail running shoes and soft-soled winter boots. I was concerned about snow/ice build-up, but the traction plate has a snow release system that sheds snow with each step!

Kahtoola NANOspike Footwear Traction Review

NANOspikes On The Run

NANOspikes are a lot of fun to run in because it didn’t feel like I was wearing them! They are seamless and nimble. I had to go up into the Olympic Mountains to find snow and ended up testing the NANOspikes on what was mostly ice with a little snow coverage. The ice messed with my mind more than my feet, but once I felt safe, I was able to dig in and feel comfortable knowing that I wouldn’t slip. I ran intervals for this particular run and had no problem accelerating when I needed to. I was also able to transition seamlessly between snow and bare ground.

Kahtoola NANOspike Footwear Traction Review

Final Thoughts

NANOspikes solve a problem that many runners have in the winter months—to keep up their training in the snow and ice. If this is you—run out and get a pair. You won’t regret it!

NANOspikes women's review

Manufacture Specs

• Size Small fits US Women’s 8-9
• Size Medium—Women 9-11
• Size Large—Women 11 +

(On the downside, ladies, if you have small feet—NANOspikes will not work for you.)

Weight 7.5-8.3 oz.
Spike material Tungsten carbine
PACK SIZE (5¾ X 4 X 2¼) 52 INCHES3


Jennifer Lu’Becke lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. When she isn’t connecting young readers to books or getting paid to play with puppets at her youth services job for the North Olympic Library System, she is out exploring the wilds by foot, bicycle, or kayak.

Jennifer is a key member of the Women’s Adventure book club on Facebook. Join her and almost 1,000 women from around the world as we read and discuss an adventure book each month here.

Last modified: February 24, 2015

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