NiteRider Lumina Headlights


NiteRider Lumina 750

NiteRider Lumina 750

Powerful and affordable.

Replaceable battery bicycle lights definitely have their advantages, but frequent night riding begs for high-lumen rechargeable lights. Making an investment in good lights ultimately saves you money over purchasing new batteries every few weeks for the lifetime of a light.

We got to try out two lights in NiteRider’s Lumina series headlights this month: the Lumina Micro 250 ($59.99) and the Lumina 750 ($139.99). The series, billed as “Sport Performance” lighting, also includes 400, 550, and 650 lumen lights, so you have plenty of choices.

Illumination quality on both of these lights was excellent throughout the run time. That’s something you can’t really judge about any light you’re considering by just reading the box or product description, but it’s really important when you’re making a purchasing choice. If your high lumen light grows dimmer and dimmer during its 5-hour run time, it can get pretty useless by the end of your ride.

Run times for both lights was actually longer than the advertised run time. The Micro 250 had a run time of around 3 hours at the highest setting and the 750 exceeded 3 hours. Pretty amazing.

If your nighttime riding keeps you on lighted roads, the Micro 250 will fill the bill. It’s very serviceable for riding at leisurely speeds between street lamps. If you’re riding in pitch black, you’ll really appreciate the 750. On my night ride along un-illumniated neighborhood streets, I was able to ride as fast as I wanted and still spot potholes and debris well in advance. The field of illumination stretches beyond the width of a two lane road and a bit further than the standard 220-yard city block.

Although NiteRider has put these lights in a Sport Performance classification, they’re really excellent lights for commuting (NiteRider’s Commuter Series are affordable lower lumen replaceable battery lights). Beyond feeling safer, NiteRider’s Lumina lights make riding in the dark an addictive adventure.

Basic Features:

  • Rechargable via USB cable
  • Charge time: 6 hours for the 750, 3.30 hours for the 250
  • Estimated run time: 1:30 hours on highest setting
  • Four light level settings plus a daylight flash mode
  • Lock-out mode to prevent accidental turn-on during transport
  • CREE LED bulbs
  • Water Resistant

Lumina 750 ($139.99)
Lumina Micro 250 ($59.99)
Also available but not tested: Lumina Flare (400 lumens), 550, 650

More info available at

Last modified: September 24, 2014

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