Showers Pass Women’s Rogue Hoodie


Shower's Pass Women's Rogue Hoodie

Shower’s Pass Women’s Rogue Hoodie

Solid Comfort.

I was ready to love this beautiful jacket when I saw it had forward facing pockets, a practicality that any cycle commuter appreciates.  I fell hard after I took it out in a miserable, cold rain.

I wore the Showers Pass Women’s Rogue Hoodie on a 50-degree rainy morning ride to work this week.  The ride back home was a little colder and a lot windier.  My brain was filled with cozy thoughts throughout my ride.  This jacket is cozy.  It’s snug, warm, and sheltered while all outside is cold and drippy.   It delivers 100% on its promise of “weatherproof” riding, hiking, or any other outdoor fun you can dream up.

Breathable is a tough claim to live up to for any weatherproof garment.  My twelve mile ride didn’t work up too much heat and I could feel air venting through the jacket openings but you probably aren’t going to want to wear the Rogue hoodie when temperatures are much above 50 degrees.  It’s meant for cold temps.

Showers Pass is straight up about the Rogue’s capabilities.  It’s called a “weather resistant technical hoodie” rather than waterproof because, while the middle membrane is waterproof, the seams are not tape sealed.  If you are out in the rain long enough, there will be some seepage.   When you visit, each garment has a rating evaluation that explains in technical terms just how waterproof and breathable each garment is – welcome transparency that makes it easy to pick the right garment for your situation without overbuying.

Wrap a Rogue Hoodie around yourself and stay cozy this fall.

The details:

  • Weatherproof against rain, snow, wind
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fleecy inner lining
  • Reflective trim
  • Hood is large enough to cover your helmet
  • Light loop inside the back pocket
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Adjustable drawcords at hem and hood
  • Colors: Chili Red, Black

MSRP: $160
sizes: s to xl

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Last modified: October 8, 2014

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Showers Pass Women’s Rogue Hoodie

  1. Kimberly Page says:

    I bought this and I love it. Its perfrct.

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