The Search Is Over For Ski Pants In Your Exact Size


If you’re short, finding ski pants that are the right length is a near impossible task. And if you are short and curvy, it can be even more daunting: pants can be cut too low in the back and too tight in the hips and thighs. Luckily, there are a few companies that make ski pants in extended sizes. For size comparison, I’m 5’4 and a size 14. And I definitely have substantial “junk in the trunk.”


Columbia Bugaboo Pant

Most Affordable: Columbia Bugaboo Pant

At only $95, these classic pants come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. In straight sizes, the Bugaboo ranges from XS – XL with a short inseam (30.5 inches). The plus size ranges from 1X – 3X, with an inseam of 31.5 inches (which is an inch shorter than their regular inseam of 32.5 inches). I found that I landed somewhere between the L and XL size. I sized up and was able to adjust the waist to fit.

Pros: Low price, comes in 5 different colors, has an adjustable waist. Cons: Inseam is still an inch too long for me, 100% nylon material doesn’t stretch.

Sizes XS – XL, short inseam (30.5); 1X – 3X (31.5 inseam)



Fera Heaven Pant


(Almost) Most Comfortable: Fera Heaven Pant

These are almost perfect! So, comfortable and stretchy, the Heaven pant fits and feels like yoga pants, but are so tailored that you could almost wear them to work. Also the inseam length of 28.5 inches is perfect. The only problem? If you have a big booty, these ride low in the back, which is not ideal for skiing. I wanted to love these, and I still wear them, I just have to hitch them up from time to time. I was a straight size 14 in these.

Pros: super comfortable and flattering, perfect length for true petites. Cons: Low rise in the back. Only comes in black.

Sizes 2-14 in short length (28.5 inseam inseam), 2-16 in regular length (30 inch inseam)



NILS Betty Pant

Sexiest: NILS Betty Pant

These slim-fitting pants give you a long and lean look. However, with the short size’s 30-inch inseam, they were just too long for me. Although the Betty pant does have a four-way stretch, it are not nearly as stretchy as the Fera Heaven Pant. I think that the Betty is a good option for the longer-legged petite. These also run small; I wore a size 16 in these. Pros: Fashion forward, these fit like designer jeans. Very flattering in the rear. Also, these come up really high in the back to protect you from snow down your pants. Cons: Too long, no “true” plus sizes. These are the priciest of the bunch.

Small girls and tall girls rejoice! The Betty comes in 4 different lengths: Short (30 inches), Regular (32 inches), Long (34 1/2 inches), and Long + (for supermodels and WNBA stars at 37 1/2 inches).



Obermeyer Malta Pant


Most Sizing Options (including, short, long and plus-size): Obermeyer Malta Pant

These are just $35 more than the Columbia Bugaboo pants and the fit and length for the short length are similar. However, I think that the Malta pant is just slightly more fashionable. These looked great from the back, with a nice high rise and one zippered welt pocket on the rear for a sleek look. These have no stretch and, for me, the rise in the crotch area was just off…didn’t make it the most flattering fit from the front. I fit a size 14. Pros: 4 color choices up to size 14 short, high rise in the back, belt loops. Cons: Slightly too long, weird fit on me, no stretch.

Sizes 2-16 in short length (30 inseam), 2-20 in regular length (32 inseam), 4-12 in long length (34 inseam)



Obermeyer Tuscanny Jacket


BONUS: Tuscany Petite Jacket from Obermeyer

Obermeyer is one of the very few companies that makes petite jackets (in 6 different styles) up to size 14. Forget the nuisance of too-long sleeves and oversized shoulders. These jackets fit petites like a glove. I had the chance to try Obermeyer’s best-selling Tuscany jacket. Wow. This jacket is warm! Too warm for the past season we had in Colorado, but bring on the 0 degree days (East Coast skiing, anyone?), because the Tuscany can handle it. It comes in 5 different colors at a worthy price point.

Sizes 4 – 16 in petite.



At Steamboat wearing the Columbia Bugaboo pant in groovy pink and Obermeyer Tuscany jacket in ocean.


Additional Accessories

  1. Pakems. You know how ski boots suck to wear unless you’re skiing? Throw these collapsable, packable shoes in your backpack for aprés ski. You’ll make all your friends jealous. These are perfect for camping, too!pakems1
  2. Ibex Woolies 220 Bottom. You’ve got to wear something underneath those ski pants, and for those truly bitter days, break out the 100% Ibex merino woolies in their heaviest insulation. They keep you toasty, but never sweaty.imgres-2
  3. Kari Traa Baselayer Top. This Norwegian brand founded is set to launch in the U.S. this Fall. So, you can’t buy this adorable, 100% merino long underwear top yet. But, swing by the website and get excited about long underwear for the first time in your life!imgres-1
  4. ExOfficio Give n’ Go Sport Mesh Hipkini. What’s the point of wearing all of these technical baselayers if you’re going to wear cotton undies? Do yourself a favor, avoid soggy “swamp butt” by wearing quick-drying, breathable panties, like this brand new style from underwear experts, ExOfficio. See more technical undies here. 2241-2463_4437_gr

Last modified: March 27, 2015

10 Responses to :
The Search Is Over For Ski Pants In Your Exact Size

  1. Kathy Handyside says:

    I have written so many letters to manufacturers of hiking/backpacking/outdoors clothing. I’m so discouraged that all the manufacturers seem to think that outdoorsy women MUST be almost 6 feet tall and size 4!! Now, I’m the first to admit I need to lose weight, but if I can’t get the outdoor clothes I need to get out and get active, it’s pretty hard. To walk into a major backpacking equipment shop and see only tiny sizes – even size XL looks like a child’s garment – is pretty discouraging. The stores do not carry women’s plus sizes in the store – it’s as if they’re embarrassed to do so, or maybe they just don’t like women who are a bit on the big side. The few offerings in plus sizes are only online. I would like to be able to try the garment on FIRST before buying it, rather than having to guess and buy the thing online only to find that it either doesn’t fit or fits really weird.

    What really gets me, though, is looking at the men’s clothing, men can be really big and the manufacturers make clothing for them, and the backpacking stores carry those large sizes IN the store.

    Am I the only woman who feels this way?

    1. Christy Sumner says:

      No I feel that way too.but in my case I am also short and curvy. I can’t ever find snow gear that fits. If it does fit it is afoot and a half longer than I need,sucks!!

  2. Heidi says:

    any updates for 2017-18 ski season? 🙂 In the hunt for some ski pants that are shorter in length. . . size 12/14 or L

  3. Alecia says:

    I’m in the same boat as Heidi (above)

  4. maggie says:

    I am 25 and only 5 feet tall. regular pants I can hem and take in, but not snow pants. I can’t find snow pants in a size 00 ANYWHERE! I am forced to buy children clothes that make me look like a box and a 5 year old. any I need women’s fitting snow pants because my coat fits so big that if I keep my snow pants that I where now, I just look like a tiny marshmallow munchkin. NOT WHAT ANY ADULT WOMAN WANTS TO LOOK LIKE. Its so frustrating

    1. Heidi says:
      Try these! I just got a pair for me and they will work just fine. Also Patagonia Snowbelle come in a short size – I got a pair at REI (had to order online)

    2. Bailee says:

      literally took the words out of my mouth. let me know if you find any that work!!

      (also I am a snowboarder not a skier so its hard to find kids pants that fit over my boots)

      1. Maggie says:

        So am I!! No luck yet, but still looking…

    3. G says:

      I’m also having a really hard time. I’m 5’0″ and thin so everything is always too big. I got my hopes up because Burton and Volcom both now make an XXS, but unfortunately both were way too big. Please don’t tell me to buy kids sizes. That’s what I already wear. They don’t fit right and make me look like a child. No clothing item intended for a child fits a 35-year-old woman’s shape. Please please please tell me there is another brand that makes really small womens snow pants.

  5. Donna Lynch says:

    I seem to be encountering the same ski clothing fit issue as many of the shorter women have expressed here.
    I am 5 feet 1 inch tall. I wear either a “2P” or sometimes a “4P” in dresses, tops, and pants. I am looking and looking for ski jackets and pants that don’t make me look like an overstuffed marshmallow.

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