Why aren’t you wearing wool?


WEAR WOOL: A Primer for Keeping Warm and Keeping Your Friends!

Have you been wondering why you are seeing more and more wool products for training and competing? The reason is simple: wool is comfortable and soft, lasts forever, is a renewable resource…and the best part…it doesn’t get stinky!

Sprint wool T

Sprint T

At Joneswares we use only fine micron wool so it is super soft next to your skin. Then we let the wool do its job! Wool moves the moisture away from your skin. You stay comfy. You stay dry. You don’t get smelly! The big problem with synthetic materials is that, while they wick moisture away from you, the bacteria is left behind and actually bonds to the fabric, and well….you can guess where the smell comes from.

We’re a bunch of girls that like to run, cycle, hike, ski, kayak, skate, snowshoe…who knows where this list will go? We wear wool at work everyday, too! We’ve got a list of favorites for you to help you perform ‘over the top.’



The Joneswares line will cover you head to toe. Start with a Sprint base. Whether you like tanks, short sleeves or long, a piece from this group will rapidly become your favorite for every activity (even work!).

Layer up from there. Let your activity be the guide. Run with a Wind One trainer, cycle with our new Eddy or Astro, hike with an Interval quarter zip.

For a bottom, you have to have something from the Performance line. This is a collection that will keep you warm, keep you comfortable, and never let you down….no matter what your list of fun stuff includes!


Deb and the Joneswares gang

All Joneswares merino wool gear is manufactured in the USA

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Last modified: April 10, 2012

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Why aren’t you wearing wool?

  1. Joseph Gargano says:

    I have bought the JonesWares cycling shorts in the past. I have recently been trying to buy more of their wool shorts but the website is completely different. It appears they closed the business. Do you know if that is the case?

    1. Susan says:

      Yes, it appears that they’ve closed down, although we haven’t spoken directly with Deb and her sister. We know they were trying to keep all their manufacturing in the USA and it was a financial challenge. We’re sorry to see them gone.

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