The Wishlist You’ll Want To Share With Your Valentine


By Clara Grundy

There’s a common misconception out there: “It’s impossible to shop for a woman.” When you’re looking for gift ideas for women, all you need is an understanding of her likes and dislikes, really. The most thoughtful gifts are those that tie into a person’s hobbies or interests, so we’ll give you some insight into the best gifts for women who love adventure and travel.


Gifts for You And Your Adventure Enthusiast Girl Friends

Whether you’re shopping for a hardcore fan of adventure sports or a woman who enjoys the occasional hiking getaway, these items are guaranteed to bring a smile to her face!

1. Outdoor Tools: Whether it’s a solar-charged emergency light, a wearable headlamp, or the newest multi-tool (think Swiss Army Knives or Leatherman Multi-Tools with pliers, knives, screwdrivers, wire-cutters, can openers, bottle openers, and more), practical gifts top the list for women who are keen on travel and adventure. Portable water purifiers like the SteriPEN water filters are perfect if they’re travelling in areas without a source of potable water. Medical kits make a great gift too, especially if they are lightweight and compact.

2. Adventure Backpacks: From multi-purpose designs to variants with special straps for skis or snowboards, backpacks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. If the woman you’re shopping has one favorite sport, pick out a special-purpose backpack for her. When you’re trying to choose between daypacks, multi-day packs, and extended trip packs, remember that these options are based on size and capacity. Multi-day backpacks range between 40-75 liters, ideal for weekend trips, but you may need an 80-liter or higher capacity for someone who takes longer trips.

3. Lightweight Bags: You’re not limited to large backpacks, you can also get smaller bags that can be used to keep travel gear safe. The lightweight and durable LOKSAK re-sealable bags are a great example—waterproof, sand-proof, humidity-proof and super versatile. These bags can be used to separate and organize everything from clean and dirty clothes to cash, maps, passports, electronics, toiletries, food, and tools. Most dry bags and travel organizers are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can pick out an assortment for any woman who spends time outdoors. Whether she’s kayaking on a river or skiing down a slope, all her gear will remain safe and dry!


4. Sturdy Tents: Many adventure sports require a trip to a remote location, but even a woman who likes weekend hikes will appreciate a great tent. A lightweight two-person backpacking tent like the MSR Hubba Hubba is great for long weekends or overnight hikes, while heavy-duty tents are better suited for extreme climates. When it comes to buying tents, the most important considerations are quality, weight, and durability, but it’s a good idea to consider whether your friend likes to travel alone or with a partner, so you choose the perfect size.

5. Heavy-Duty Cameras: If you’re shopping for someone really special and have a fair-sized budget, consider buying her a super-tough camera that can handle the elements. Cameras designed for outdoor enthusiasts are often designed to be durable, waterproof, freeze-proof, and crush-proof, so they can be used just about anywhere. You could also get a tough wearable camera compatible with mounts for helmets, handlebars, etc., which would allow her to record travels and adventures without worrying about stopping to take pictures!


6. Protective Accessories: If you can’t afford a camera, how about buying great accessories that she can use to keep her own camera safe? An extra-tough camera case costs a fraction of an actual heavy-duty camera, but most of them can keep a regular camera from damage. Some, like the Aquapac Compact Camera Case, can even turn any digital camera into an underwater one. Dust-proof and waterproof protective accessories for electronics can help keep phones, laptops, tablets, and other expensive gadgets safe from the elements, making them gifts that any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate.

7. Expedition Gadgets: Did you think that only guys were into sports watches? If you’re willing to spend a little money, get a beautiful and functional sports watch for a female adventure enthusiast and you’ll watch her go over the moon with joy. The Suunto Ambit3 Sport Sapphire is one that caught our eye, but there is no shortage of options. Does she already have a sports watch with all the gizmos (altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, weather forecasts, etc.)? Present her with a handheld GPS, so she can find her way back without any trouble!

8. Sports and Outdoor Clothing: An adventure-loving woman can never have too many fleece jackets, warm hoodies, or comfortable t-shirts when she’s heading outdoors. Pick out durable and fashionable clothing, shoes, or accessories for a woman who loves spending time outdoors, and she’ll definitely thank you for it. Modern outdoor clothing and sports gear combines style and functionality, which makes it a great gift idea for any adventurist—male or female!

If you’re still stumped about the perfect gift or not quite sure if a friend will like what you choose, there are other options, too. You can never go wrong with a great book on travel and adventure for a woman who loves the outdoors, or a gift card that lets her choose her own adventure gear and apparel.


Clara Grundy Dallas, Texas Native. Went to LSU in 2001-2003. Graduated from University of New Orleans in Marketing, 2005. Has worked in the wholesale fashion industry since graduation. For more information follow Clara on Twitter @ClaraGrundy or visit

Last modified: February 25, 2015

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