Want to Bring Baby on Outdoor Adventures? 5 Things You Might Want to Know

Outdoor Kids


Raising an outdoorsy baby isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

As I transitioned to parenthood I vowed that I would find a way to continue pursuing my outdoor passions, even with a baby in tow. I researched gear, interviewed other outdoorsy parents, and set some goals–all so that I could fuel my own outdoor passions, and introduce my little girl to the wonders of the natural world early on.

But, there were things I just couldn’t have anticipated would impact my ability to take my baby on outdoor adventures (let alone clean my kitchen!). Six months into parenthood, I’ve had plenty of time outside, but it wasn’t always to get out the door.

Check out the 5 Things I Didn’t Consider.

Last modified: September 10, 2013

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