How to Outfit Your Adventure Tyke for Winter

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Before I started writing about outdoor adventures for tykes, about 4 years ago, I spent hours upon hours surfing the web and scouring retailer racks looking for appropriate outdoor clothing for J-Man. J-Man was only 6 months old at the time, but I wanted him to be safe and comfortable while we took him on our adventures. Needless to say, there wasn’t much out there for infants. Today, many large outdoor brands are finally jumping on the bandwagon and providing appropriate and quality clothing for young tykes.


J-Man in his snowshoeing gear.

My long hours of searching, shopping and reviewing has paid off. Over the past few years I have discovered particular items that are well suited for winter activities and I’m sharing them with you, hoping to save you time, money and maybe reduce your stress level, if that’s possible.

In case you missed it: last year I wrote about clothing tips for winter fun and the importance of appropriate clothing for your tykes.

Here are some specific winter items for your tykes…

KEEN winter boots – What I love about the KEEN boots is that they are easy to take on and off, as well as, keeping feet dry and warm. You don’t have to try and stuff your tykes foot into the boot. Thick winter socks can make it nearly impossible to get boots on your tykes feet. The KEEN boots are so easy to put on your tykes can do it themselves.

Snowstopper mittens – These mittens aren’t just your ordinary mittens. They have a super long cuff that reaches up to your tykes elbow. Slip the mittens on underneath their coat and this prevents snow from slipping down inside, preventing your tykes hands from getting wet and cold.

DucKsday Rain Suits – This is a rain suit/snowsuit that is waterproof, breathable and non-restricting. Put some base layers on your tyke, throw on the DuscKsday and they will stay warm and dry for hours of fun in the snow. With the one-piece suit there’s no worries about jackets riding up, pants falling down or having to purchase both snow pants and a jacket.

Eddie Bauer Ascent jacket – If your tyke doesn’t want to wear a one-piece snowsuit then check out Eddie Bauer’s Ascent jackets. They are technical jackets for tykes that are well insulated, water repellent and very durable. Eddie Bauer also makes Ascent jackets for adults.

Ice Breaker base layers – I believe in non-cotton base layers to keep your tykes comfortable and warm during winter activities. Merino wool is a good choice. It’s anti-microbial, insulating and fire retardant. If it gets wet it’s still insulating, unlike cotton.

Terramar Base Layers – Even though some merino wool is super soft some tykes just don’t like the feel of it. If that’s the case a synthetic base layer is a good option and less expensive. Terramar provides quality base layers for the whole family.

66 North for infants – One of the only companies that provides merino wool base layers and outerwear for infants.

Smartwool socks – Never put your tykes in cotton socks when playing in the cold. Cotton does not insulate well when it is next to the skin. Merino wool or synthetic socks with keep your tykes feet toasty warm. Smartwool provides merino wool socks ranging in sizes: infants to adults.

Ambler hats – With their fleeced lined wool hats they are sure to keep your tykes head and ears protected from the elements.


Sporting Julbo sunglasses.

Julbo sunglasses and goggles – The sun is still shining bright during the winter months and sometimes it’s even brighter from the reflection and glare of the snow. Make sure you are protecting your tykes eyes. Julbo has quality snow goggles and sunglasses for tykes.

Eco Vessel water bottles – These water bottles are  insulated keeping hot chocolate and tea hot for hours. Perfect to help keep your tyke warm while playing outside.

thinkbaby and thinksport sunscreen – Sunscreen is very important during the winter months. The sun reflects off of the snow damaging your tykes skin, so continue to apply sunscreen when they go outside to play.

With Winter fast approaching make sure your tyke is well equipped for fun in the outdoors. A warm and comfortable tyke is a happy tyke. Also remember, frost bite and frostnip occurs not just during snow activities but also in cold temperatures.

I’ve done gear reviews on almost all of these items if you’re interested in learning more.

Last modified: October 31, 2013

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How to Outfit Your Adventure Tyke for Winter

  1. Melanie says:

    Melissa knows her stuff. Whenever I need new gear for my daughter, she is my go-to resource. I make merino wool gear for women, but its so hard to come by for little ones. I’ve never heard of some of these merino brands…they’re going right onto her Christmas list!! THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks, Melanie! I appreciate your kind words and I’m so glad I am able to help. It’s frustrating trying to find that one perfect piece of gear for your tykes, so I figure I should share my finds. 🙂 Thanks again!

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