3 Adventures that Let You Experience Military Life

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By Katie Garbett


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Going off and serving your country is a dream many fail to achieve. Life takes over, family gets in the way, or the dream came too late, but now you can experience what it’s really like to live and work in the military. Here are just three of the exciting experiences that give you a taste of what your heroes do.

Mission 1: Vehicular Training Classes

Any good soldier knows how to drive a variety of vehicles. With bases all over the country you are never far away from driving a selection of the metal monsters used in the military. Over two to three hours you can experience crashing through the undergrowth, crushing the mud under your mighty treads, and splashing through small streams as you make your way across a genuine military assault course.

A selection of the vehicles you can drive include the armored personnel carriers, self propelled guns, combat reconnaissance vehicles and of course, tanks. Instructed by experts, learn to drive seriously heavy machinery, and brag about it at your next book club event. Most of these activities military style and tank driving activities are in the UK however if you want to sink your teeth into some heavy machinery in Florida, check out Come Play In The Dirt.

Mission 2: Spy Mastery

Everybody knows being a part of the military isn’t just about blowing things up. The art of espionage is vital in the 21st century military. Normally a career opening only for soldiers who have shown exceptional skills, Spy HQ days offer a full day of learning vital espionage techniques.

Not for the faint-hearted, prepare to experience a variety of different activities on this trip. The day starts off with delving into the shadowy world of the sniper. Fire sniper rifles from range, and learn the art of stealth attack. The laser room challenges push your agility to its absolute limits–dodge the alarms and successfully escape the room. Learn from master fight trainers the art of unarmed combat, and drive small, yet mobile vehicles across an adrenaline-inducing assault course.

These packages are so much more than learning basic spy skills; they involve taking advantage of everything which comes with military life.

Mission 3: Climbing Mountains

Climbing and overcoming seemingly insurmountable barriers is a natural fact of daily life. The military places a massive amount of emphasis on physical climbing. Well, now you can learn the basics, with a day-long rock-climbing adventure. With locations nationwide, you spend the day studying the climbing skills needed to succeed in exercises that mirror some of the army’s most physical challenges. Learn rope skills including secure fastening and tackle exciting climbs.

Not only do these skills enable you to literally reach new heights, they open you up for other adventures, such as ice climbing.

An adventure day out is an unforgettable experience for any wannabe soldier. Live what it means to serve your country without committing yourself to anything. Although the adrenaline will be pumping, it comes without the mortal peril of serving on the front line. These affordable adventure days are fun for all, and nowhere else are you going to discover such a thrilling day out.

Ready to enter the world of the army? Good luck, soldier!

Katie Garbett is a lifestyle explorer. She enjoys sharing experiences and insights on various blogs. Find out more about experience days such as tank driving at Wish.co.uk.

Last modified: September 25, 2013

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3 Adventures that Let You Experience Military Life

  1. TA Loeffler says:

    Not nearly enough detail in this article to make it a worthwhile read…how about some links to where one might actually find the opportunity to participate in these kinds of activities?

    1. Jennifer Davis-Flynn says:

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ve added some links!

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