Where A Libra Should Vacation

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Bangkok, Athens, Berlin, Palermo, or Paris? Where should your astrological sign vacation next?

Spin the globe and point with your finger. Or just check out this astrological travel guide, brought to you by Women’s Adventure magazine.

I booked the flights for my first trip of 2015 today. If the journey weren’t to visit a family member, I might’ve second-guessed my choice after seeing this chart.

So, before you throw a dart at a map and buy your next set of airline tickets, find the ideal destination for you—based on your star sign. If you don’t believe there’s much to the zodiac, then this chart will at least help you choose a place you might not have considered visiting otherwise.

Adventure according to your sign: Depending on whether you’re energetic and intellectual or introverted and independent, you could land in Tunisia or Sicily. Your sign might enjoy vacationing in the Canary Islands or among the pyramids in Giza.

No matter, this astrological guide to adventure destinations will entertain and influence even the greatest traveled of us all.

An Astrological Travel Guide

An Astrological Travel Guide [Infographic] by the team at Co-operative Travel

Last modified: December 3, 2014

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