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We know you’ve gone on quite a few trips before, but no matter how many times you travel, there’s always some degree of stress beforehand especially when it comes to packing. Take the anxiety out of your next adventure with this list of bring-along must-haves.


The Right Shoes

Shoes take up significant space in a suitcase, so don’t plan on bringing more than two pairs. Pack shoes that have multiple uses and can be worn with different outfits. A great pair of flats or classic heels in a neutral color can help you transition from day to night and will go with just about anything. Also bring a pair of stylish walking or athletic shoes for workouts and sightseeing.


With tight restrictions on carry-ons, a large designer tote is the ticket to smooth flying. There’s enough room to fit the contents of your regular handbag plus your mobile device, a book and any valuables you don’t want to check. A stylish yet functional tote can double as the perfect bag for shopping and traipsing around town. You can always bring along a small clutch to use as your nighttime accessory.


When it comes to clothes, less is more. If you pack a pair of jeans, bring two tops you can pair them with to make two outfits. Or, if you’re hanging out on the beach or traveling somewhere sunny, sundresses are the way to go. One dress makes an outfit and takes up a lot less space than pants and a shirt. Before your trip, leave enough time to plan every day’s outfits. Your trip will be less stressful when you know your outfits are already picked out.


Even if you’re checking a bag, bringing travel-sized toiletries can save you a lot of room. Ditch your regular shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer bottles and purchase reusable bottles. Not only will you have more room, some beauty products don’t work as well if they reach a certain heat. So, instead of risking an entire cream, pack only what you need. Also, consider bringing beauty products that have a variety of uses. For example, if you can find a hair serum with a built-in heat protector, that’s one less bottle you need to bring. Tinted lotions and sunscreen powders are also great products that have multiple uses.

A Good Read

For travel entertainment and to catch up on something you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the time to, pick up a book or download it on your tablet or e-reader. Having an excuse to kick back with a good book doesn’t come along often, and delayed flights and travel time are the perfect excuses to indulge. A best-seller or electronic version of your favorite magazine is an enjoyable way to make the time go by faster. Plan on hitting your local library or bookstore a few days before you leave on your trip.

No need to fret, adventure with a little planning and these tips, you’ll be well-packed and ready to hit the road.

Last modified: October 2, 2014

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