How to Prepare for Your Two Week Tour of Spain

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Not that long ago, getting ready for a two-week tour of Spain meant making sure you had a valid passport, booking your hotels and packing some stylish outfits for nights on the towns in Barcelona and Madrid.

Traveling to Spain in 2014 is just that much easier thanks to current technology. Go Madrid, for instance, features a complete packing checklist that is super handy for European and American travelers. With this in mind, the following apps and other technologies can help you plan your trip to Spain from packing to planning your activities to communicating. Make your trip as enjoyable and memorable as possible:

Learn the Language

As PC Mag notes, there are a plethora of user-friendly apps and other software that can help travelers quickly and easily learn enough Spanish to get by. For example, Byki is a downloadable flashcard program that helps travelers learn new words in a variety of languages, including Spanish. In addition, Duolingo features immersion training and games that help travelers pick up Spanish words and phrases. It even was Apple’s Best App of the Year 2013.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Once you are in Spain, things like itineraries and maps can help to keep your days of sight-seeing organized. Instead of lugging around hard-to-fold maps and pages of plans, consider getting the Frommer’s Spain Day app. As App Crawlr notes, the universal app features a plethora of usable features like a weather window, an interactive itinerary guide, detailed and user-friendly maps and much more. If you are having trouble deciding which city to go to next, each of the 17 itinerary chapters feature gorgeous slides of each area’s scenery and highlights. Just tap on whichever area looks the most enchanting, and learn about the region. The app costs $4.99 and is available from the Frommer’s website.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Spain is a beautiful country filled with diverse cities, geographies and cultures. The Spain Talking Guide app, which is available from the iTunes store, allows travelers to browse through and read about some of the most amazing points of interest and historical locations such as Madrid, Seville, Granada and Leon. The app includes photos and audio recordings about the areas as well as the ability to sense your location so that it can give you voice alerts about nearby, notable places. This amazing feature can help travelers make sure they don’t miss anything they want to see while in Spain.

Organize and Share Your Photos

When you return home from your amazing trip to Spain, you’ll bring back dozens of memories and probably hundreds of photos. To keep everything organized and easily shareable, consider a cloud-based storage system. Instead of emailing everyone separately or posting a bunch of photos on a social media site, you can set up a folder of your Spain photos that everyone can access. In case you are unsure of which cloud storage system to use, a website like Top 10 Cloud Storage offers helpful reviews and information about 10 of the best systems.

Last modified: July 10, 2014

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