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23 Feet Trailer from Allie Bombach on Vimeo.

WAM: Like you said, though, simple living is tough. Do you get the sense that for most of the folks in your film, living simply is a short-term experiment, or a long-term lifestyle?

I think living simply for them is a lifestyle choice and a reflection of what their passion is rather then an experiment. As far as duration, I think once people figure out how to simply live for their passion, that never goes away. Whether you live out of a bus or you move into a home, the values of a simple life never leave you.

WAM: You’re back on the road again this summer, what are you most excited about?

This summer we’re having an outdoor theater tour, projecting 23 Feet onto a screen that hangs from the awning of our 1970 Airstream. I’m so excited to connect with people on the road, hear their stories, and continue the conversation about simple living to pursue their outdoor passion. Not to mention, outdoor films are so nostalgic and a great way to celebrate summer in the great out of doors!

WAM: How do you apply what you’ve learned about simple living in your own life?

Right now I am living in my 1970 Airstream named Roma. What at first seemed like a small 23×9-foot space to move into, now seems pretty large! I’m working towards making her “off-the-grid” and also saving up for another diesel truck to run on vegetable oil. Beyond the sustainable goals of living simply, I think I also learned a lot about appreciating the simple things in life, which I try and reflect on every morning with a strong cup of joe and celebrate at night with a hoppy IPA.

Last modified: June 25, 2013

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