Develop A Healthier Mind, Body, And Spirit This Winter


Health Tips For Active Ladies (16 Ways To Total Wellness)

As we head into winter, it’s important to focus a little more intentionally on our health and wellness. As a fair-weather exerciser, I tend to veg out on dark nights through this season of holiday eating and drinking. My aim this year, though, is to move more, eat well, and care for the body that allows me to play outdoors. Here are Women’s Adventure magazine’s top health tips to keep you feeling great until spring hits in 2015!

  1. For Running Health: Strength training to prevent running injuries

  2. For Joint Health: How To Save Your Knees

  3. For The Cleanse-Curious: Evaluating One Woman’s Whole 30 Results)

  4. To Eliminate Gluten Confusion: Gluten-Free Diets Demystified

  5. Eating For Adventure: Learn Which Three Food Groups Should Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

  6. Eating In Season: Autumn Foods

  7. The Common Cold: Hold Winter Bugs At Bay With These 5 Tips

  8. Eff Cancer: How Pre-Screening And Exercise Can Improve Your Odds

  9. Resiliency Through Loss: 3 Reasons To Find Your Inner Athlete

  10. Hormone Replacement Therapy Done Right: Minimizing Symptoms (And Risk) Through Menopause

  11. Treating Back Pain: Exercises For Prevention And Healing

  12. Meditation: Try it

  13. One Of Women’s Adventure Magazine’s Only Beauty-Related Posts: Skin Care For Active, Outdoorsy Women

  14. Your Everyday Hygiene Products Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good: Avoid These Ingredients

  15. Friendships And Physical Wellness: Can Your Gal Pals Make You Healthier?

  16. Adventure Isn’t Just For Sexy People: A Reminder That Adventures, Like Women, Come In All Shapes And Sizes

How to you stay well during winter? Let us know in the comments below.

Last modified: November 18, 2014

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