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fried blossoms

Author and chef Tom Formaro explores how to channel heartbreak through cooking in his new book, The Broken Heart Diet. In The Broken Heart Diet, Formaro weaves an intricate tale of inspired by his own journey back to love, and by his own experiences in cooking and working in restaurants.

Here’s his own family’s recipe for Fried Zucchini Blossoms, a fun and delicious summer treat.

You’ll need: 12 zucchini blossoms, 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup all-purpose flour, and 1 cup of grated parmesan (freshly grated preferred)

1. Carefully rinse the blossoms
2. Set up three shallow bowls or plates; one for the eggs, another for the flour, and the third with the grated parmesan
3. Prepare a large fry-pan by pouring in a good amount of canoloa (or other) oil – enough to make it about half-inch deep. Heat to medium. You’ll do about 6 blossoms at a time, depending on the size of your pan.
4. Dip and roll each blossom, first with the flour, then the egg, then the parmesan.
5. Place the blossoms in the oil, and fry each side until they are golden brown.
Drain some of the oil by placing the cooked blossoms on a plate with paper towel. And enjoy!

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Last modified: July 2, 2014

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