What resolutions are you struggling with?

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It’s mid February. And you know what that means? New Years was six weeks ago. Those resolutions we made back then feel like things of the past. Real life is in full swing and it’s likely that your outdoor goals–mastering that yoga posture that’s always challenged you, topping out on the peak you can see from your backyard, and staying upright on a bigger wave–seem less important than finishing your presentation for tomorrow’s meeting, getting your child to piano lessons on time, and shoveling the ever-accumulating snow off your sidewalks.

So here’s our reminder to take care of you, remember your passions, and pursue things that will help you find more balance, pleasure, and confidence. If you are well and empowered, you are better equipped to handle the small stuff, the small but necessary stuff that’s meaningful in its own way and adds up to become the big stuff.

Your goals are important. And you can justify taking the baby steps required to reach them.

Last modified: February 5, 2015

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