Sweetlife Adventures


Kristi Orr, Sweetlife Adventures founder, is more than an entrepreneur, wife, and mother; she inspires and empowers women all around the globe. After realizing that, as she got married and started having kids, she wasn’t taking the time out of her life to grow and transform herself like she used to, she founded Sweetlife Adventures.

Targeted at women in the Denver region, Sweetlife Adventures brings together women of all ages to challenge themselves, together. “We came up with the idea of Sweetlife Adventures with the hope that, through the experiences we plan, women would dedicate time to themselves, challenge themselves, and ultimately, add balance to their lives,” Kristi says.

Take some time out of your busy life to do something great for yourself! Adventures are held day, night, and on weekends, so pick what’s best for you and do yourself a favor. And most importantly, have fun! Sweetlife Adventures experiences start around $85.

Last modified: February 26, 2013

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